Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Projects Promote Deeper Thinking in my First Grade Classroom

First grade students love projects and working cooperatively to do research; ask questions; create things that extend or culminate the learning process makes the learning experience have deeper meaning and relevancy for them. At this age the learning is greatly enhanced when the students are actively engaged in the process. When many hands-on learning activities and experiences are used the result is positive, successful mastery of skills and concepts. The children's enthusiasm for the subject matter soars when they feel they're responsible for the outcomes and have an active role in the learning process!


  1. I totally agree. Most students seems to be motivated by hands-on projects. Younger learners are like sponges. They seem to absorb knowledge through all of thier senses. Projects are perferct for that.

  2. Even high school students love to work in groups to show "what they know" through projects. Even those students who seemed to have not "gotten it" the first time, have the opportunity to learn the material a different way.